Make Your Own Hydrogen Fuel Cell

It's Simple - Easy


And it's under US$35 per unit to build!!!


You could save on your motor vehicle fuel costs AND contribute to far less emissions!!!*


Turn Water (H2O) into HHO (Hydrogen Gas/Brown's Gas) and turn your car into an environmental friend and save!

You can turn one of these...

...into one of these in just one hour!


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Where is this Technology heading?

Honda FCX Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car 

AND...You can convert YOUR car NOW!!!


Arnold Schwarzenegger promotes Hydrogen Power Sources


Daimler Chrysler's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car - The Future of Motor Vehicles!



"Make Your Own Hydrogen Fuel Cell"

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You'll recieve:

The Full 50 Minute DVD and Complete Data Package (sent via International Post) along with Lifetime Updates (sent via email) of All Our Datasheets & Free Access to our discounted Complete Units and DIY Kits!


The Full 50 Minute DVD Video Includes:

  • A Detailed Explanation of All the Components You Require to Build a Complete Unit

  • A Detailed List of All the Tools You'll Need

  • Where to Source All the Components Easily

  • How To BUILD Your Own "On Demand Hydrogen Fuel Cell" (and make as many as you want!)

  • Understand How to Install the Hydrogen Fuel Cell into Your Vehicle (or Install for Family & Friends)

  • Interviews with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Enthusiasts to see for Yourself How Effective they are!



Here's the First 8 Minutes to get an idea: 




The Data Includes All the Associated Datasheets:

  • Complete Schematics for Fuel Cell Lid with One and Two Outlet Designs

  • Complete Schematics for Plexiglass (Acrylic) Tower Design with All Dimensions & Pictures

  • Complete List of Components Dimensions, Quantities & Pictures for Quick Reference

  • Complete List of Suppliers to find Components Easily and Quickly

  • Key Installation & Maintanence Points 

  • Web Links and Other Bits 'n' Pieces

  • Exclusive Kit Website - 10%Discount 

  • FREE Email Updates When Improvements are Made to Any of Our Datasheets - For Life!

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What You'll Get:


  • You'll Receive The Complete 50 Minute DVD That Covers Everything You'll Need to Know to Build Your Own On Demand Hydrogen Fuel Cell


  • The Complete CDROM that Includes All The Schematics and Specifications to Build Your Own Units


  • Exclusive Access to Our Member Website and Receive 10% Discount On All Kits and Complete Units 


  • FREE Lifetime Updates of Our Datasheets & Meeting Schedule

Video Includes:

The Full List of Components You Require

What Tools you'll need

Where to source all the Components Easily

How to BUILD Your Own "On Demand Hydrogen Fuel Cell" 

 How to Install in your Own Vehicle (& others)

Interviews with Hydrogen Fuel Cell enthusiasts


Datasheets Include:

Schematics for Drill Holes in Fuel Cell Lid - Single & Double Outlet

Schematics for Plexiglass (Acrylic) Tower design

List of Components with Dimensions, Quantities & Pictures

List of Suppliers to find Components Easily and Quickly

Key Installation & Maintanence Points 

Web Links and Other bits 'n' pieces

Exclusive Access Website - 10% Kit Discount



Any updates to our Datasheets will be emailed to you FREE whenever they occur - For Life!


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